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Dorothy Bishop, actress, singer, celebrity impersonator, star of The Dozen Divas Show

What if You Could Book A Dozen Iconic Divas

With One Phone Call, One Rider, and One Airfare?


Check Out Our 30 Second Show Reel!

Dozen Divas 30 Second Reel

Dozen Divas 30 Second Reel

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  • 3 years Off Broadway at New York's famous TRIAD THEATER!

  • Thrill audiences with unforgettable LIVE vocals, beautiful ON STAGE costume changes, and hilarious MULTI MEDIA diva duets

The Divas Take on Celine!
Live from NYC

  • Simple but Colorful Production

  • Easy set up and break down

What the Press is Saying

"Dorothy Bishop has New York in stitches!!!"

The New York Post


"She can really sing! Novel and hysterical....she NAILS it!!!!"

Huffington Post

"Blessed with a voice capable of opera, Broadway, and pop, 

             she creates funny but appreciative portraits of the women we love."

The Village Voice

“No matter how many times you see this show,  you will find that it changes with the time, keeping up with current events,  and you will never tire of the Dozen Divas Show!

Cabaret Scenes

"A performance of extraordinary aptitude and charisma..."

Theater Pizzazz

"When a voice impersonator can speak and also sing with every nuance of the person they're impersonating, that in itself speaks volumes.  This is one show you don’t wanna miss!!!!”

Odyssey Magazine                            ODYSSEY Magazine

What Clients are Saying

Dorothy has the style, talent, personality and a brilliant and witty mind to put together The Dozen Divas Show.  I'm so proud to be able to offer this gem to New York City theater goers.  You'll fall in love with Dorothy Bishop and her show, I guarantee it!"  

Bernie Furshpan
Managing Partner
Metropolitan Room, NYC

"The sensational Dozen Divas Show was an instant sell out! Dorothy is charming, hilarious and on point. The show itself is cleverly conceived from start to an unexpectedly uproarious finish. What a way to begin our new Nite Spot series! We hope she’ll come back for an encore performance soon!"

Bert Bernardi
Artistic Director
Milford Arts Center, Milford, Connecticut

Dorothy Bishop’s Dozen Diva show is funny, sophisticated, and packed with some of the best music and songs ever written. Each song is sung with such impeccable style you would swear you were watching the real thing! Fun for all... and is a corporate entertainment hidden treasure!

Kyle Gonyea
Artistic Director
Mark Bradley International

"Dorothy Bishop is part classy and part camp.  Her repertoire is part classical and part contemporary.  Her act is ALL star-powered charisma and you cannot take your eyes off of her.  The effect is mesmerizing and a delight for all of your theatrical and musical senses."  

Bruce Scudder
Entertainment Director
Holland America World Cruises

"We had the pleasure of Miss Bishop appearing at El Piano Rojo in march 2014 and March 2017. It was a full on sold out standing ovation show night after night for 2 weeks. She is easy to please and easy to work with, and as a added bonus easy to look at!  The audience absolutely loved her Dozen Divas Show ...although I think Miss Bishop may be bad at math, she usually did more than 12!"

Mark Robert Rome
El Piano Rosso, Ajijc, Mexico

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