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Dorothy Bishop, actress, singer, celebrity impersonator, star of The Dozen Divas Show


"Bishop has New York audiences in stitches"

-- New York Post


“Novel and hysterical!  She can really sing and she NAILS it!” –Huffington Post


Blessed with a voice capable of opera, Broadway, and pop, she creates funny but appreciative portraits of the women we love.   – Michael Musto

In the smash Off-Broadway hit Spamilton, Dorothy Bishop ruthlessly impersonates divas from Liza Minnelli to Barbra Streisand, with Bernadette Peters and Patti LuPone along the way.


But Spamilton hardly scratches the surface of Dorothy's talent for mimicry. In her fast-paced one-woman show "The Dozen Divas," she does Liza and Barbra… and Stevie and Adele and Cher… and, well, too many others to mention!



"The Dozen Divas" has already been nominated for two Broadway World Awards and two Mac Awards for best musical comedy show.  In between stints with Spamilton, Dorothy squeezed in a triumphant Mexican tour of "Divas" during which she headlined at the beautiful Red Room in Puerto Vallarta.


She was spotted in "The Dozen Divas" by the music director of Spamilton, Broadway conductor Fred Barton. 

He was bowled over: "Dorothy's innate sunny sense of humor and goodheartedness transcends all – but her true secret weapon lies in the sky-high quality and range of her own native, superlative singing."

Dorothy and the Dozen Divas are featured monthly at The TRIAD Theater - one of NYC's most historic Off Broadway Theaters.  TICKETS

Dorothy Bishop Dozen Divas
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